Horseback Trail Riding in the Tobacco Valley

Horseback riding in Northwest Montana is one of the best ways to explore the Montana outdoors. Trails to mountain lakes and lookouts are located throughout the Eureka area.

One of our favorite trails is up to Stahl Peak. The trail meanders through the deep forest, switch-backs along the side of the mountain and then ends up at Stahl Lookout. You can stay in the lookout for lunch and even camp there overnight. The views are awesome as Glacier's Three Sister's Peak is visible along with Therriault Pass and Lake Koocanusa in the distance.

For a lazy trail ride with great views, go north to Swisher Trail. The trail goes by Swisher Lake north to the Canadian border. Lots of pine trees and sandy trails make this an easy, yet beautiful day ride. A new horse loading area at Swisher makes this an advantageous location for riders of any experience level.

There are many more trails; some are loops and others you come back down the same way. There are varying degrees of difficulty, so it is important to talk with someone who has ridden the trail. Stop in and ask Tammy about specific trails and what you might encounter on specific trail rides.

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