How to Buy a Gun Online

When it comes to purchasing a new gun to add to your collection, there are many options. You can go on a shopping spree and see what your local dealers or pawn shops have in their inventory, you can order from catalogs, or the newest, easiest way is to shop on-line.

When you shop on line you get to shop from the comfort of your own home; you can shop anywhere you want without leaving your chair. Many gun dealers now list their current inventory online so you can browse and compare without going anywhere. There are also specific gun auction sites where you can shop, such as, and You can find many others by searching for gun sales in search engines or visiting links like ours: Northwest Sports Center link to Davidson's Guns Online. If you need help finding what you want, give our store a call for personalized service. Any way you choose to do it, buying a gun online gives you more options. The legal process of acquiring the gun is quite similar to what you would experience in a gun store.

Once you find the gun you are interested in and want to purchase, you will need to get contact a local gun shop that has a Federal Firearms License (FFL). Ask a local gun dealer if they do FFL transfers. Each shop has a set transfer fee that you will have to pay for this service, but most are quite willing to help you get your gun sale finalized. Online sellers of a gun will mail the gun to the dealer and you will do the paperwork with your local dealer. You will have to fill out a gun transfer form (form 4474). Once you pass the background check and the dealer knows you can take possession of the firearm, he or she will become your firearm transfer dealer.

You can proceed two ways from here. One way is to purchase your gun online and have it shipped to the FFL dealer. Once it arrives, your dealer will log it into the books. After you complete and pass the 4473 and pay the transfer fee , you can take possession of the gun. In some states you may have to comply with mandatory waiting times to purchase a gun. Another option is to let the dealer know what you are looking for. Dealers often have venues to find used or new guns and are willing to purchase and then re-sell the gun to you, (with a marked up price of course).

Each FFL has preferences on how they like to handle transactions. Your local dealer will usually exchange FFLs with the selling party, since a signed FFL must be received by the seller before they can legally ship the gun out. Most accept a faxed or snail mail copy, so this may take a few minutes or a few days depending on which way the FFLs are exchanged. Once a seller receives the FFL and proper payment has been remitted the gun will be shipped to the specified dealer.

Buying a gun online is a pretty simple process. Once you have tried it, you may find many new horizons in shopping for guns and many options that you may not find locally.

Shopping for and buying guns online opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.