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Fall is Here!

The weather is still very hot . We had had a extremely HOT summer. Due to the fires in our area be sure to check and see if where you want to go is open. 10 lakes recreation area is closed at mile 4 on grave creek road , probably will remain closed until immense amounts of snow fall. The smoke in our area is awful with no relief in sight. One highlight is Snagging kookanee opens on September 15, there are lots of kookanee in the mouth of the tobacco river, it should be a great snagging season. I have lots of hooks and lures to temp them with before the snagging begins. Remember grave creek closed east of hwy 93 on August 8, so dont get caught over on that side. And the limit on kookanee is only 20, unless you are fishing out on lake Kookanusa, then you can keep 50 a day. . Out on Lake Kookanusa the kookanee are biting on wedding rings topped off with a maggot or shoepeg corn, Depending on the sunshine as to what color to use. Pink is always good and chartreuse follows in 2nd place. the kookanee are runnig about 45 feet down and the size is bigger then last year most of them are around 12 inched with a few bigger ones every now and then. Makes great size for smoking and canning. If you get a bull trout catch card from Fish and Game you can keep one bull trout this year. Its free so get one and harvest a bigone, you have to get the catch card down at a regional office. We did see alot of really nice northern pike caught this year, they are my favorite fish to catch and to eat also. Enjoy the great outdoors when ever you get the opportunity..

Fall News

16 YEAR ANNIVERSARY We celebrated 16 years of operation this August ! We can not believe we have been here in Eureka running Northwest Sports for 16 years, I want to thank all of you who support us by buying local and keeping the local dollars in our area. Thanks for helping us to survive in Eureka for 16 years! A special thank you to all those who support us the whole year through by spending your money at our store. We really appreciate it! Thanks alot!

Fishing News

The water levels on the tobacco river and grave creek are pretty low now. They were really high this spring due to the extra rain we had . But like every year by fall they are back down into the shallow zone. No real good news for fishing success but even so it is great to get out there and spend the day fishing. Kookanee out on Lake koocanusa have been really slow the bigger ones are polled u p and ready to do their spawn run. Some fish are already running up past the park, it looks to be a good year for snagging.Their size is much bigger this year most of them hitting the 12 inch mark with some even bigger . Snagging opens on Sept 15, but before that try fishing them in the tobacco river with something red, they fight really well just before spawning. Stop by or call and I'll let you know the latest news on where the fish are biting the best.

Have a Great Season


We are looking forward to spending alot of time out doors this year enjoying all there is to do around here, If you need help with finding a good trail to hike or ride horse on give me a call and I will help you figure out which one would be good for you. We have a couple young grizzlies down along the river walk and in the tobacco river area, be aware they are out there and be careful. always be bear aware when you are out enjoying the great outdoors. I carry Bear spray at Northwest Sports so be sure to pick some up before heading out to play. I have a number of rock climbers stop by here, for those of you headed out to stone hill I do carry the Stone Hill rock climbers guide.

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